donateDuring the holidays, we celebrate family, tradition, love, and of course eat lots of delicious food! Everyone has a hand in preparing the big holiday meal – chopping veggies, whipping up goodies and setting the table. The holiday meal nourishes us as we gather around the table to honor the past and savor the promise of a new year together.

Autism research also requires this kind of teamwork and hope. At the Autism Science Foundation, we fund scientists who are learning about the causes of autism and developing new treatments, asking new questions and working in teams to improve the lives of people with autism. Each new year holds the opportunity for all of us to enhance the lives of our family members with autism.

Just as it takes a whole family to fix the holiday feast, and large teams of scientists to develop new autism treatments, it takes a community of supporters to make ASF’s year-end fundraising campaign, the Recipe4Hope, a success. 100% of your donation to our Recipe4Hope campaign will go directly to funding pre- and post-doctoral grants that put young autism researchers to work unlocking the causes of autism and finding treatments that make a difference.

Please give generously this holiday season. Our community is counting on your gift to make a difference for families!


Our Generous Donors

Executive Chef: $500 and more

Kirk Nienaber

Clay Dukes

Irene Laurora

Alan Holz

Wayne Kieselbach

Mary Beth Patry

The Millman Family

Head Chef: $250-$499

Jill Stoller

Pat Schissel

Paul & Maki McInerney

Leslie Rolison

Frances, Lowell, and Kenneth Pelphrey

Suzannah Williams

Ruth Sample

Linda Steinman

Paul & Maki McInerney

Sarah Spence

Elise & Phil Orlando

Ed and Caren Berlin

Carol and Barry Koch

The Kearneys

Sous Chef: $26-$249

Michael K. Lewis

Linda R. Singer

Sean Ryan

Pat Kirchner

Helen Tager-Flusberg

Jonathan Carter

Matt Carey

Marjorie Madfis

Karen Harris

Mary Koslap-Petraco

David Riley


Patrick Przyborowski

Marisa Rice

Adienne Deutsch

Ivan Lara

Jennifer Newport

Sandhya Chandrasekhar

Vivien and Michael Shelanski

Michele Fingerman, Mel Waxman


Jill Locke

Julie Turchin

Cheryl Locke

Christine Moriuchi

Renee & Al Skolnik

Julia Congdon

Ashley & Alan

Amy Wetherby

Michael J. Skeps

Daniel Whalen

Khalid Shahzad

Alexander Kaizer

Chad Sloniker

Bernice Polinsky

Jason Cohen and Alissa Stollwerk

Mark Russell

Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp

Larry Friedmanr

The Spodaks

Craig Powell

Harold & Anne Hoffman

Charles and Ellen James

Sara-Ann Determan

Deborah and Eddy Locke

Klaus Libertus

Daniel Libertus

Ellen Udelson

Scott Myers

Lisa Motel

Sandi Rosenbaum

April Levin

Ted and Lara

Baker: Up to $25

Laurie Steiner

Brian & Dawn Crawford

Greg Hines

Kenny Hirschmann

Daniel Gomez

Seth Segel

Tiffany Yuan

Melanie Flaxer

Angela Locke Lee

Kate Ensor

Sharon Klein

Bryan Mendez

Jennifer Levine

Tineka Becker

Laura A Kuhn

Mario Lopez

Josh Borzooyeh

Pam Bee-Lindgren

Angela Rimes