Parent and Teacher Choices of Autism Treatments

Location: Online Survey
Start Date: May 1st, 2017
End Date: December 31st, 2017

Along with their research team, Morgan Zymnis and Hande Hakkoymaz from Penn State University are conducting a study to determine what treatments for people with autism parents find effective.

This study attempts to determine what types of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) treatments are used by parents and teachers; what factors are related to their treatment choices (e.g., media, professional recommendations; beliefs; etc.); and what factors are related to continued treatment use. The parental portion of this study is a replication and expansion of a study published in 2011 (Miller et al).

The research would require you to complete an online survey examining what autism treatments you have seen implemented, what treatments you find effective, and your thoughts about the treatment effectiveness. The number of questions will depend upon your experience with different autism treatments. Click here to participate in this study by completing the online survey.

All responses will be confidential.

Email Morgan Zymnis or Hande Hakkoymaz with any questions.