Infant Sibling Study

Nov 1 2012
Nov 1 2015
America/New York
Marcus Autism Center, Atlanta, GA


Brief Description:

This study examines social engagement in babies with and without a risk of having an ASD and how social engagement influences speech and language development to help better understand communication in infants and toddlers. This research will help develop new methods for early identification and treatment for babies at risk for an ASD.


Eligibility for Study Participation:

Pregnant women or women with babies younger than three months who also have an older child diagnosed with ASD or typically developing child with no family history of ASD. The older child should be the full biological sibling of the younger child.


Participation Details:

This is a longitudinal study; babies will be enrolled from birth through 24 or 36 months of age. Babies are seen as many as 10 to 13 times during the study. All participants will receive developmental and language assessments during the study by experienced clinicians, watch short videos of people, objects and activities on a computer screen, collect in-home audio recordings once a month using a small digital recorder, and complete surveys and interviews.


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Warren Jones


Contact Information:

Beth Asher, 404-785-7600


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