Social Engagement in Infant Siblings

Sep 1 2011
Sep 1 2013
America/New York
University of California, Santa Barbara Koegel Autism Center, Santa Barbara, CA

Brief Description:

This study is investigating ways to jumpstart and improve social engagement in young infant siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder, age 6-12 months. We provide initial online screenings and feedback, followed by the possibility of a behavioral assessment. The overall goal of the program is to boost social skills and language in young infants 6-12 months of age at-risk for developing autism.


Eligibility for Study Participation:

Families with an infant sibling of a child with autism, or any families with questions about their infant's social development are eligible for this study. Infants must be between 6-12 months of age.


Participation Details:

Participation involves online screenings and feedback, and possibly a behavioral assessment. The online screening takes approximately 10 minutes and the behavioral assessment takes approximately 1-2 hours. If the family is local, assessments will be in the home or at the Koegel Autism Center. If the family is distant, a remote assessment will be provided online and via webcam. If vulnerabilities in social development are present, we provide an Infant Social Jumpstart Program in-person or online. This program requires one-hour sessions with the parent, infant, and clinician in-person or via webcam. During sessions, the clinician will teach the parent strategies to increase social engagement (e.g. eye contact, smiling, and play) while playing with the infant.  Each family participates in sessions once a week for approximately 8-12 weeks.


Principal Investigators:

Jessica Bradshaw, Dr. Robert Koegel


Contact Information:

Jessica Bradshaw:, 805-893-2049


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