TED-Style Talks

The Autism Community's First TED-Style Talks

On the afternoon of April 10, ASF will host a festive luncheon at the Yale Club of New York City, followed by the autism community’s first TED-style conference, featuring talks from NIMH Director Dr. Thomas Insel, Dr. David Amaral, Dr. Joseph Buxbaum, Dr. David Mandell, Dr. Paul Offit, Dr. Matt State, Dr. Cathy Rice, and other prominent scientists, as well as individuals with autism, including Paul Morris, an adult on the autism spectrum. These TED-style talks will be thoughtful, 15-minute distillations of critical issues in autism.  

“This event, geared toward all stakeholders, will be our gift back to the autism community,” said Alison Singer, president of the Autism Science Foundation. “Our speakers will focus on the real issues facing families, such as gender differences in diagnosis and treatment, the value of genetics testing, the effectiveness of school-based interventions, and the challenges of finding meaningful employment.”

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