The Effects of Active Motor and Social Training on Developmental Trajectories in Infants at High-risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Aug 1 2012
Jul 1 2013
America/New York
Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Brief Description:

Help Kennedy Krieger researchers learn more about how play routines impact learning for infants at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). If you have a baby, 3 months or younger, and an older child with an ASD, you may qualify for this new research study.


Eligibility for Study Participation:

Infants aged 3 months or younger who have an older sibling with ASD. Participants should have no known birth defects or other genetic disorders.


Participation Details:

During 4 visits to our lab, participants will be taught a fun, new way to play with their baby using special toys, which they will be asked to continue using at home for 1 month.


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Rebecca Landa


Contact Information:

Dr. Klaus Libertus: 443-923-7691


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