Previous Events

Fundraising Events

The Autism Science Foundation is able to provide funding critical autism research through money raised by fundraising events.


               AML Bikers for ASF Ride                                          Scoring Goals for Autism


     Scarsdale High School ASF Club Events                  Yale for Autism Awareness Student Events


                        Zumba Mania                                               Youth Advocacy Events



Science and Awareness Events

The Autism Science Foundation unites scientists and community members to raise awareness about breakthroughs in autism research. 


             5th Anniversary Celebration                           International Meeting for Autism Research                              


             Science and Sandwiches Series                               Autism in India Conference   


               Autism Awareness Month                                            Rockland Symposium


Community Events and Collaborative Projects

By raising funds and awareness for autism, Autism Science Foundation aims to improve lives of members of the autism community. Through various community events and collaborative projects, ASF connects to the autism community in unique and exciting ways.


             Celebrating Families Brunch                                              Author Events