Thank you to the following scientists, parents and advocates for sharing how ASF has impacted your work and lives. We are so grateful for your support of our mission.

Tom Insel

Dr. Tom Insel, Former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): “The Autism Science Foundation plays an important role in moving the science forward. It has quickly become a valued collaborator in the public-private partnership described in the federal strategic plan for autism research.”

Judy Palfrey

Dr. Judy Palfrey, Former President of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): “As we attempt to understand the causes of autism and develop optimal treatment programs, it is critical that parents have access to information that is based upon the best medical evidence. The Autism Science Foundation’s work helps to improve the lives of children diagnosed with autism.”

Fred Volkmar

Dr. Fred Volkmar, Former Director of the Yale Child Study Center: “The proliferation of autism groups offering questionable advice over the internet is staggering. We feel confident referring our families to the Autism Science Foundation. Autism Science Foundation.org is a website parents can trust to offer solid, scientifically based information.”

Ed Trevathan

Dr. Ed Trevathan, Formerly of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: “New discoveries in neuroscience, genetics, and epigenetics offer hope for improving the lives of people with autism. The Autism Science Foundation has emerged as a leading voice as we all strive to follow where the science leads.”


Lauren Rimland (Mother of 17-year-old Jake): “Autism Science Foundation is funding the science that leads to real answers. There are many autism groups asking for support, but I want to know for sure that my donation will fund the best research possible. My son deserves nothing less.”

Paul Offit

Dr. Paul Offit, Author of “Autism’s False Prophets”, Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: “The launch of the Autism Science Foundation marks the beginning of a new chapter in autism research; one with a deep and unwavering commitment to an evidence-based agenda. ASF is the best of all worlds: parents and scientists coming together to support research that stands the best chance of making a difference.”

Recent Comments

“Thank you for facilitating family involvement in research.” — Gail Henderson Rogo

“I really have learned a lot about different research from your Facebook page & website. Love it!!” — Cynthia Wynn-Brandon

“I appreciate that ASF is research based & not clouded by hysterics or other interfering emotions.” — Felicia Lebewohl Rosen

“I appreciate how ASF posts are kept to facts and not emotionally charged.” — Felicia Lebewohl Rosen

“Thank you for always posting links about new research. I don’t always have time to do a literature review, and it’s helpful for me as well as the people I serve to have access to recent findings.” — Jenny Foster

“The ASF has helped my family stay focused on relevant and accurate research in an ever-growing flurry of misinformation. The ASF helped my community by sending me to the 2010 IMFAR after which I was able to share what I learned with the Columbia University community.” — Jenny Foster

“ASF has helped me and my family stay updated on autism research.” — Patricia Liceaga

“ASF has helped me keep abreast of the latest discoveries in Autism Spectrum Disorders research. The Foundation has and continues to serve the AUS, AS, and ASD community by not only disseminating information, but offering a place for those individuals in the community to gather and exchange common experiences. This is key in aiding families and persons on the spectrum in dealing with the daily struggles of this often misunderstood disorder. Thank you ASF!” — Ezra Lockhart

“Thank you for all those links to the autism studies” — Sharon B.

“Please no more studies of vaccines and autism. Let’s move on to other topics.” — Elaine J.

“I am glad to see that funding will go toward developing evidence based treatments for adults.” — Michael R.

“Your organization has restored my faith in the autism community.” — Lisa R.

“I’m autistic and it makes me realize that many are in the same boat so I shouldn’t feel alone. On the ASF Facebook page talking to others has been a great experience and listening to what others say has helped me.” — Micayla Bryant