On April 11, 2018, the Autism Science Foundation held its 5th Annual Day of Learning. The event included the autism community’s annual TED-style science conference, featuring seven thoughtful distillations of critical issues facing families. Speakers focused on the real issues facing families, such as gender differences in autism, sleep problems in autism, the potential of medical marijuana as an autism treatment, adult outcomes, the role of dietary interventions, and the perception of pain in people with autism.

From Genes to Biology: What We’re Learning and Why It Matters
Dr. John Spiro – Simons Foundation

How are Girls and Boys with Autism Different?
Dr. Somer Bishop – University of California, San Francisco

Does Diet Make a Difference in Autism?
Dr. Susan Hyman – University of Rochester

Does Pain Feel Different to People with Autism?
Dr. Michelle Failla – Vanderbilt University

Is Medical Marijuana a Treatment Option?
Dr. Orrin Devinsky – New York University

Why Won’t My Child Sleep?
Dr. Ashura Buckley – National Institute of Mental Health

How Can We Improve Adult Outcomes?
Dr. Julie Lounds Taylor – Vanderbilt University