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During the holidays, we celebrate family, tradition, love, and of course eat lots of delicious food! Everyone has a hand in preparing the big holiday meal—chopping veggies, whipping up goodies and setting the table. The holiday meal nourishes us as we gather around the table to honor the past and savor the promise of a new year together.

Autism research also requires this kind of teamwork and hope. At the Autism Science Foundation, we fund scientists who are learning about the causes of autism and developing new treatments, asking new questions and working in teams to improve the lives of people with autism. Each new year holds the opportunity for all of us to enhance the lives of our family members with autism.

Just as it takes a whole family to fix the holiday feast, and large teams of scientists to develop new autism treatments, it takes a community of supporters to make ASF’s annual year-end fundraising campaign, the Recipe4Hope, a success. 100% of your donation to our Recipe4Hope campaign will go directly to funding pre- and postdoctoral grants that put young autism researchers to work unlocking the causes of autism and finding treatments that make a difference.

Our 2017 Family

2017 r4h family The Rolston Family