Adults with ASD or Asperger’s syndrome

Location: San Diego, CA - San Diego State University
Start Date: September 1st, 2015
End Date: January 1st, 2021

Researchers at San Diego State University are conducting a study to fill a large gap in our current knowledge of ASD- virtually nothing is known about brain and behavioral changes after age 40. Participation involves a total of 6 sessions: 3 sessions at enrollment, which will be repeated 2 ½ years later. Sessions 1 & 2 will involve diagnostic and cognitive testing, and session 3 will be a non-sedative MRI scan. Compensation and free parking will be provided.

Eligibility Criteria
We’re looking for adults age 40 to 65 years who have or suspect that they may have Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome. We also seek adults of the same age without any suspected ASD. Volunteers must live in the greater San Diego area, be able to follow verbal instructions, and be able to hold still for an MRI scan.

Contact Information
To learn more about the study or to participate, please contact Mikaela at 619-594-2500 or