Baby Brain Imaging and Behavior Study (Baby BIBS)

Location: Los Angeles, CA - UCLA
Start Date: January 1st, 2018
End Date: December 31st, 2020

The purpose of this study is to identify brain-based markers of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the first year of life. Using MRI, EEG, eye tracking, and a variety of behavioral assessments, we are tracking the development of infants throughout the first three years of life. Identifying brain-based markers of ASD earlier in infancy will allow for earlier diagnosis of ASD in infants, leading to improved developmental outcomes.


Families who are expecting soon or have a newborn that has:

  • An older sibling with typical development and no family history of autism
  • An older sibling with a diagnosis of autism
  • A genetic risk for autism based on a diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex or 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

For more information, call (310) 825 3478 or email Erin Nosco at