Early brain signature of autism spectrum disorder

Location: San Diego, CA - San Diego State University
Start Date: September 1st, 2015
End Date: August 30th, 2020

Researchers at San Diego State University (SDSU) are trying to identify early brain markers of ASD using MRI performed during your child’s natural sleep (with no sedation). Participation involves 3 visits to SDSU, once the child is approximately 15-24 months old, 3 and 1/2 years old and about 5 years old. Each visit consists of developmental assessment, including diagnostic evaluation, and a bedtime MRI scan. Generous compensation and small gifts for children are provided. Results of the diagnostic evaluation may be shared with the family at their request.


We are currently seeking toddlers between 15 months old and 26 month old who are at risk for developing Autism Spectrum Disorder (either because they have an older sibling with ASD, or because they currently exhibit social and communication delays), or those with typical development.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Dr. Mikaela Kinnear at (619) 594-2500 or ToddlerMRIstudy@sdsu.edu, or go to:
http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/bdil/web/EARLY_BRAIN_SIGNATURE_in_ASD.html or facebook.com/SDSUscan