Scarsdale High School


The Autism Science Foundation club at Scarsdale High School spreads awareness of autism and raises money for ASF through numerous actives in the Scarsdale community. In the past they have hosted bake sales a silent auction. The silent auction, held each spring, is an extremely successful event. Local stores in Scarsdale donate items and food to the auction. Many members of the community come to support the Autism Science Foundation and learn more about autism. Past speakers have included ASF President Alison Singer and Nicholas Lombardi, a high school student and outspoken advocate for individuals with autism.

In school, the officers of the club work closely with dedicated club members to educate classmates and raise money within school. Each Tuesday, the club’s officers meet before school to plan events and talk about the specific tasks for the week. Later on Tuesdays, after school, the whole club meets to discuss upcoming events and brainstorm ideas. At the end of each school year, the officers collect applications and interview exceptional club members to decide who the next year’s officers will be.

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