Attend the Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Published March 14, 2017

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is hosting the “Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorders” on July 31-August 6, 2017.

The course instructors are:
James McPartland, Yale University
Sergiu Pasca, Stanford University
Jeremy Veenstra-Vander Weele, Columbia University

The workshop speakers include Alison Singer, President of the Autism Science Foundation, and:
Frances Champagne, Columbia University
Geraldine Dawson, Duke University Medical Center
Éric Fombonne, Oregon Health & Science University
Daniel Geschwind, Read Neurological Research Center
Takao Hensch, Harvard University
Connie Kasari, University of California, Los Angeles
Cathy Lord, Weill Cornell Medical College/ New York Presbyterian Hospital
Declan Murphy, King’s College London, UK
Craig Powell, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Bernardo Sabatini, Harvard Medical School
Mustafa Sahin, Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital
Cindy Schumann, University of California Davis MIND Institute
Nenad Sestan, Yale University Medical School
Alison Singer, Autism Science Foundation
Sarah Spence, Harvard University/ Boston Children’s Hospital
Beth Stevens, Harvard Medical School/ Boston Children’s Hospital

The application deadline is April 15, 2017. Click here to learn more, and click here to register.

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