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Yeah, another study about autistic poop

Published July 2, 2019 in ASF Podcast

This week’s podcast includes a summary of the new study, this time in an animal model, looking at microbiome transplantation.  Because this was more of an experimental model, the researchers could be more rigorous in their design and look at things like behavior, brain activity, and specific biological pathways.  While a mouse does not have […]

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The latest on complementary and alternative medicines

Published July 1, 2019 in ASF Podcast

Even though many parents of kids with autism and  autistic adults are using cannabis (THC and CBD) and cannabidiols (CBD only), these treatments are technically illegal.  So how are pediatricians discussing these options with their patients when asked?  A few pediatricians from states where it is legal for adults to obtain cannabis containing products weigh […]

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