Weekly Podcast: Another gene that causes autism and what families are doing about it

Published December 5, 2016

podcast-logo_12052016A gene that controls electrical activity in the brain, SCN2A, has been linked to autism for awhile. But recently, a new study from China shows that mutations of this gene are seen in about 1% of people with autism. This may put it into the category of the rare mutations that have a major contribution to autism symptoms. In addition to autism, mutations of these gene are associated with seizures and epilepsy. Because of the relatively high rates of mutations of this gene in autism and epilepsy, an amazing group of motivated families formed an organization to help support and awareness for this gene mutation. This week’s podcast includes a message from one of the leaders of this foundation: FamileSCN2A who are dedicated to help their children with the knowledge about their child’s genetic makeup.

Click here to listen to this week’s podcast.

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