BEAPP: The Batch Electroencephalography Automated Processing Platform

Electroencephalography (EEG) offers information about brain function relevant to a variety of neurologic and neuropsychiatric disorders. EEG contains complex, high-temporal-resolution information, and computational assessment maximizes our potential to glean insight from this information. Here we present the Batch EEG Automated Processing Platform (BEAPP), an automated, flexible EEG processing platform incorporating freely available software tools for batch processing of multiple EEG files across multiple processing steps. BEAPP does not prescribe a specified EEG processing pipeline; instead, it allows users to choose from a menu of options for EEG processing, including steps to manage EEG files collected across multiple acquisition setups (e.g., for multisite studies), minimize artifact, segment continuous and/or event-related EEG, and perform basic analyses. Overall, BEAPP aims to streamline batch EEG processing, improve accessibility to computational EEG assessment, and increase reproducibility of results.

Keywords: EEG; MATLAB; automated; batch; electroencephalography; reproducibility; signal processing.



April Levin, Adriana Mendez Leal, Laurel Joy Gabard-Durnam