Partner toolkits

Autism Speaks has put together a comprehensive list of resources for the autism community organized by topic including for families, for educators and health professionals, non-english resources and WHO guidance for the public. Find the list here.

The Autism Society of America launched a Facebook Live series dedicated to providing relevant, COVID-19 information for the autism community. The weekly broadcast will feature an expert discussing specific topics like mental health, federal emergency funding, and financial planning.

Autism Focused Intervention Resources & Modules (AFIRM) has published a guide called Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times.

Child Mind Institute has comprehensive resources for parents, including information on how to support and talk to children about the COVID-19 situation, and daily Facebook Live chats with healthcare providers.

The Center for Autism & Related Disabilities has created a resource guide including a list of home activities, how to teach your child with ASD at home, sample daily schedules and how to speak to your child with ASD about COVID-19.