Apply for a Research Accelerator Grant

Request for Applications: 2020 Research Accelerator Grants
RFA Released: April 1, 2020
Applications Due: June 12, 2020 5:00 pm EST

The Autism Science Foundation invites applications for its Research Accelerator Grants. These grants are designed to expand the scope, speed the progress or increase the efficiency and improve final product dissemination of active autism research grants.  The funding is not meant to fully support a project. Projects that do not fit the goal of the mechanism or that do not adhere to the proposal preparation instructions will be returned without review.

Autism Science Foundation will make a number of Awards determined by its available financial resources. The term of the award cannot exceed the IRB approval period on the underlying or primary grant.

Grants of up to $5000 are available to enhance, expand and enrich grants currently funded by other sources (including ASF).  Staff salary may be covered by this award. All projects must have prior IRB approval. No portion of these funds shall be used to cover indirect university costs.

Proposal Preparation
Proposals should be no more than 3 pages written in 12-point arial font and should have margins of 0.5 inch or greater. A cover letter including the full name and contact information of both the PI of the accelerator grant and the PI of the parent grant (if applicable) must be included.  The applicant’s last name must appear on all pages of the application. The application must include the current grant name, scope, number, and funding source. In bold, describe in 2-3 sentences how the enhancement funds will enrich and accelerate the current or primary project. Indicate the exact dollar amount you are applying for and specify exactly how the funds will be spent.  

Be creative in your use of these funds.  Check our website for examples of the types of projects we fund with these grants.  The application should also clearly state how the proposed study builds upon, expands or enhances a current funded research project.  The name of that project, funding source and PI should also be stated in the application.

The file sent to ASF should be in one PDF and be ordered as follows:

    1. Cover page – 1 page
    1. Proposal – up to 3 pages
    1. References – this should be no longer than 1 page
  1. Biosketch

Include an NIH biosketch for the PI of the accelerator grant.  If the PI of the accelerator is not the PI of the parent grant, you are required to include a letter of commitment from the PI of the parent grant acknowledging use of data or resources.

Postdoctoral fellows applying for an accelerator grant should also submit a letter of recommendation. Tenured academic appointees and others should not submit letters of recommendation.

Letters of support/recommendation may be sent in different emails but should include the PI’s last name and purpose of the email.  

Submission of Proposals

Proposals should be submitted as PDF document to with the subject line (Last Name/Institution/Accelerator Grant Application).  

Example: Martin/Tulane/Accelerator Grant Application

Letters of recommendation (only for postdoctoral fellows) should be sent by email to Please ask your recommender to use the subject line (Applicant last name/Institution/Letter of Recommendation).

Example: Martin/Tulane/Letter of Recommendation.

Successful electronic submission will be confirmed by email notification to the sender.
Applications are due June 12, 2020 by 5:00 pm EST. Any applications received after this deadline will not be reviewed.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the proposal complies with the conditions prescribed in the RFA.  Autism Science Foundation reserves the right to return without review any proposal found not to be in compliance with the conditions prescribed on the RFA, or any proposal that is not responsive to its research goals or exceeds its funding limits or available resources, at any time during the application and review process.  

Autism Science Foundation reserves the right to make changes to this RFA at any time. Changes will be posted at  We advise applicants to check this website frequently.

Questions about proposal submission, proposal content and review, or applicant eligibility should be addressed to Casey Gold-Casey, Director of Operations, Autism Science Foundation. (

Click here to view the full RFA for the 2020 Research Accelerator Grants.