Where Are They Now?

Since 2010, the Autism Science Foundation has invested almost $2.5 million in the training of pre- and postdoctoral fellows, medical school gap year students and undergraduate researchers. We have been tracking what these fellows have been doing and the impact they have had on the autism community.

You can read more about the 4 year analysis we completed on the Class of 2010-2014 fellows HERE, showing that fellows funded by ASF tend to stay in autism research more often than those not funded by ASF.

To learn about individual fellows from 2010, click HERE

To learn about fellows from 2011, click HERE.

Bob Schultz, PhD, from Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, and his mentees:
Julia Parish-Morris, class of 2014 and Whitney Guthrie, class of 2018.
Rebecca Landa, PhD and her mentee Klaus Libertus, PhD, class of 2012 at
INSAR in 2016. Klaus was the recipient of the Young Investigator Award