On March 30, 2017, the Autism Science Foundation held its fourth annual Day of Learning. The event included the autism community’s annual TED-style science conference, featuring eight thoughtful, 15-minute distillations of critical issues facing families, such as improving housing options for adults with autism, handling challenging sensory behaviors, improving communication between parents and teachers, and understanding autism’s female protective effect.

The conference featured the following talks:

Autism Research: Where Are We Now? – Dr. Wendy Chung (Simons Foundation)
Housing Options for Adults with Autism – Amy Lutz (EASI Foundation)
Improving Communication Between Parents of Children with Autism and Teachers – Dr. David Mandell (University of Pennsylvania)
Developing Clinical Biomarkers – Dr. James McPartland – (Yale University)
Understanding Modifiable Autism Risk Factors – Dr. Craig Newschaffer (Drexel University)
Helping People with Autism Develop Practical Skills – Dr. Celine Saulnier (Emory University)
New Technologies to Improve Autism Diagnosis – Dr. Robert Schultz (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
Understanding the Female Protective Effect – Dr. Donna Werling (University of California, San Francisco)

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