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Scientific discoveries that help families with ASD are only possible through the participation of families in research studies. We know many people want to participate but don’t know where to start. 

To address this, ASF created a searchable directory to help you find a study that is right for you. Families, caregivers, service providers and autistic adults can use the directory by searching by age, topic of interest, or geographical location. You can also use the search function to list all studies for a particular topic that you are interested and willing to participate in. Studies that require online participation or a hybrid of online and in person involvement are also included. 

Some of these studies will provide financial incentives, others will provide services like supports or interventions and others will share the overall results with you or provide documentation that can help you understand yourself or your family member. Families should reach out directly to the study personnel listed in the contact information to learn more.

For scientists:  It is free to include your study in the directory. Please fill out this form If you have a study that you would like to be posted,.

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