Latest Round of COVID-19 Research Grants Opens Today

The Autism Science Foundation recognizes the continuing need to better understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the autism community, including biological, educational, psychological and psychiatric effects that may impact the immediate and longer-term functioning of people on the autism spectrum. For this reason, we are continuing and expanding the COVID-19 Research Grant program in 2021.  

Multiple approaches may be used to investigate these impacts, including but not limited to:  clinical assessments, new virtual interventions, animal models, use of new or existing samples or data, and basic animal or cellular research. 

All research ideas are welcome, however, ASF is particularly interested in understanding gaps in utilization and delivery of telehealth assessments or interventions in the autism community.  This may include ways to improve telehealth. 

This funding opportunity is limited to early career investigators. ASF defines early career investigators as  those from post-doctoral training to up to 7 years after completion of a postdoctoral fellowship or following medical training including the internship and fellowship. Post-doctoral fellows are required to ensure that a letter of support is sent to ASF from their mentor or PI on the existing grant. Priority will also be given to scientists from traditionally underrepresented groups and to projects that commit to recruiting participants from traditionally underrepresented groups. 

Since this is a fast turnaround mechanism, the funding should be used to expand or enhance a currently funded, IRB approved, ongoing research project (i.e. anchor funding) supported by another funding agency or through an ASF mechanism.  We hope to make decisions within 2 months of receiving the applications and begin funding soon thereafter, so there is no time to set up a new program with your institution.  You can read about previous COVID-19 research grant awardees here:

Questions about proposal submission, proposal content and review, or applicant eligibility should be addressed to Casey Gold-Casey, Director of Operations, Autism Science Foundation. (