Apply for a Post-Undergrad Fellowship

Request for Applications: 2024 Post-Undergraduate Two-Year Research Fellowship Award

RFA to be Released: August 9, 2023
Applications Due: December 8, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Notification of Awards: April 2024

The Autism Science Foundation invites applications for a Post-Undergraduate Two Year Research Fellowship award designed to support students who have received a bachelor’s degree, and who wish to gain more intense experience in autism research by working full time in a lab environment for two years prior to entry into a graduate program. The application should include a plan for the fellow to spend their time working to advance either an existing research study or help launch a new research project with significant guidance and support by a mentor, advisor, and other more experienced research staff in a well-established autism lab. Applicants need not already be accepted to graduate school.    

The proposed training should be scientifically linked to autism, but may be broadened to include training in a closely related area of scientific research. The Autism Science Foundation will consider all areas of related basic and clinical research, including but not limited to: human behavior and co-occurring medical conditions across the lifespan (language, learning, behavior, communication, social function, motor skills & planning, epilepsy, sleep, repetitive disorders); neurobiology (anatomy, development, neuroimaging); pharmacology; studies that address disparities in access, care and research; neuropathology; genetics and gene/environment interactions;  epigenetics; immunology; molecular and cellular mechanisms; studies employing model organisms and systems; intervention research (behavioral, pharmacological or a combination of the two), and studies of treatment and service delivery.  

ASF welcomes scientific research in all fields.  However, we are especially interested in projects which address previously under researched communities.  These include: profound autism, those with severe and challenging behaviors, and autism disparities in racial and ethnic minority groups or those with socioeconomic challenges.

The Autism Science Foundation will make a number of awards determined by its available financial resources. Each award will provide $30,000/year for two years. No portion of these funds shall be used to cover indirect university costs or other expenses, unless at the expressed permission of ASF prior to submitting the application. 

Additional questions about proposal submission, proposal content and review, or applicant eligibility should be addressed to Casey Gold-Casey, Director of Operations,  Autism Science Foundation. (