Apply for an Undergraduate Summer Research Grant

Request for Applications:
2023 Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship in Autism Spectrum Disorders

RFA to be Released: January 2023
Applications Due: February 2023

Notification of Awards: late March 2023

The Autism Science Foundation invites applications from highly qualified undergraduates interested in pursuing basic and clinical research relevant to autism spectrum disorders during the summer.

The proposed research must be scientifically linked to autism.  Autism Science Foundation will consider all areas of related basic and clinical research including but not limited to: human behavior across the lifespan (language, learning, communication, social function, epilepsy, sleep, self-injurious behavior, catatonia), neurobiology (anatomy, development, neuro-imaging), pharmacology, neuropathology, human genetics, genomics, epigenetics, epigenomics, immunology, molecular and cellular mechanisms, studies employing model organisms and systems, and studies of treatment, service delivery, policy and employment.  Priority will be given to students from underrepresented groups OR to studies that focus on understanding and narrowing the diagnosis and services gap across different races, ethnicities or socioeconomic status levels.

The following students were selected for summer 2022 funding:

David BarrettVanderbilt University Dr. Tiffany Woynaroski
Jessie GreatorexMichigan State UniversityDr. Brooke Ingersoll
Grace HajjarUniversity of California, LADr. Catherine Lord
Chavely Ramirez GonzalezUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillDr. Ben Philpot
Meagan TsouBoston Children’s HospitalDr. Susan Faja