Podcast: A new clue to autism found in fluid in the brain

Podcast Logo_03272017Last week, another Baby Siblings Research Consortium Project (BSRC) published an intriguing finding which also has the bonus of being a replication. Dr. Mark Shen from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found higher levels of extra axial fluid in the brains of infants who went on to later be diagnosed with autism, and even higher levels in those with severe autism symptoms. Extra-axial fluid is also called cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that holds the brain steady in your head. Other functions of extra-axial fluid and what this means on how it may contribute to autism risk are described in the podcast. He not only explains the findings, but conveys what families should know about them and how they can help with early identification of ASD.

Click here to listen to this week’s podcast with Dr. Alycia Halladay. She opens with a quick recap of last week’s Environmental Epigenetics of Autism Research webinar with Dr. Mark Zylka.