ASF Launches Request for Proposals for Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellowships, & Post-Undergraduate Fellowships

NEW YORK — August 9, 2023 — The Autism Science Foundation (ASF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding innovative autism research and supporting families facing autism, today announced a request for proposals for early career researchers to study critical issues in autism. 

One year pre-doctoral and post-doctoral, and two year post-undergraduate fellowships are available for qualified applicants interested in autism research. Since its inception in 2014, ASF has funded over 80 early career fellowships and has invested more than $5 million in promising early career researchers. This funding has led to an additional $80 million in support from the NIH and other foundations, and has sparked major breakthroughs in understanding the biological mechanisms of brain development,  promoting earlier detection, developing new personalized treatment approaches, and improving the quality of life for those with autism.  

“Investing in early career researchers is critical to bringing new ideas to the field and building a talented workforce to focus on autism research”, said Alycia Halladay, PhD, Chief Science Officer of the Autism Science Foundation. “Every year we look forward to seeing the innovation that this group brings to autism research.” 

All scientists funded through this mechanism will participate in ASF’s “Open Access Publications” program, through which peer-reviewed, published research funded by the Autism Science Foundation is made available to the public free of charge via PubMed through a collaboration between the Health Research Alliance, ASF, and the National Libraries of Medicine. 

Applications for all three mechanisms are due on December 8th at 5PM ET. View the full request for applications, here.