It’s Time to Embrace ‘Profound Autism’: Read Alison Singer’s Op-Ed

October 27, 2022 — ASF President Alison Singer published an op-ed in Spectrum on profound autism calling for a bifurcation of the ‘autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and adding a new diagnosis of ‘profound autism’ to better serve this vulnerable and underserved population.

“It is time to admit that lumping everyone together along one spectrum has created rancor and ill will. There are real-world implications for people with profound autism when high-functioning advocates seek to defund and deprioritize medical research, block access to treatment and clinical care, censor necessary and accurate scientific language, and advocate for policies that cause real harm to those who will not and cannot ever live independently. Only by returning to at least two separate diagnoses can we begin to meet the highly diverse needs of both groups.

Read it here.