ASF Launches Novel ‘Participate in Research’ Website Directory

This free searchable directory will match families with autism studies and speed up the process of enrolling participants in research.

NEW YORK — September 13, 2022 — The Autism Science Foundation (ASF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding innovative autism research and supporting families facing autism, today announced the launch of the ‘Participate in Research’
directory on the ASF website. The new searchable directory is intended to increase participation in autism research by making it easier for families to find and enroll in studies.

Families who use this new directory can search by age, topic of interest or geographical location. It is free for all autism researchers to list their research studies in this new directory. This is the only available searchable directory open to all individuals and their family members.

“One of our goals at ASF is to provide resources the community needs but doesn’t have yet,” said ASF President Alison Singer. “This new tool will speed up the pace of science and ultimately improve the lives of people with autism. Thank you to our generous donors, who make projects like this possible.”

“Many important autism research studies do not have enough participants, or a broad enough sample, to draw any real conclusions,” said ASF Chief Science Officer Dr. Alycia Halladay. “This is in part because of the challenge of matching people
interested in research to studies that are suited to their individual characteristics or preferences. This new directory is an important tool to address that issue and increase involvement in critically important research studies.”

Access the new ‘Participate in Research’ directory here.


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