Mix Up a Recipe4Hope and Help Raise Dough for Autism Research

The Autism Science Foundation today announced the launch of its special year-end fundraising campaign, Recipe4Hope.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a short video that showcases a mother and children baking holiday cookies, mirroring the sentiment that sound scientific research takes the right ingredients, used the right way, to create the right results. Researching the causes of autism and finding treatments that work also requires the right blend of elements to be successful.

“We all know that autism science requires the right ingredients. Not necessarily sugar and spice, but insight, creativity, tenacity, hope and funding,” said Alison Singer, President of the Autism Science Foundation. “Every dollar donated through this special year-end campaign will go directly to autism research.”

This fundraising campaign will take place exclusively online through December 31, using social media tactics to reach donors and supporters. Beyond the video, supporters are encouraged to share photos or videos of their holiday cookie creations on the nonprofit’s Facebook page and Twitter account. There is also a hashtag, #recipe4hope, to track the activity on social media sites.