Recipe4Hope Campaign Will Raise Funds for Pre- and Post-Doctoral Autism Research Fellowships

The Autism Science Foundation today announced the launch of its annual year end fundraising campaign, Recipe4Hope. Every dollar donated to the campaign will go directly to funding pre- and post-doctoral autism research fellowships to expand our understanding of what causes autism and to develop better treatments.

“We know that autism research is a great source of hope for families with autism,” said Alison Singer, president of the Autism Science Foundation. “Through our pre- and post-doctoral fellowship program we are putting bright young scientists to work unlocking the causes of autism and developing effective treatments that will improve people’s lives. We need each member of the autism community to take his or her place at the table in funding research. Everyone has a hand in this.”

Each year the Recipe4Hope campaign profiles a family that epitomizes the spirit and teamwork shown by autism families around the globe. The year, the campaign focuses on the Congdon family from Hendersonville, North Carolina. “When we visited the Congdon family we saw Eric and Marian Congdon and their children, Lydia (17 years), Emily (16 years), who has autism, Eric (15 years), and Sara (12 years) working together to prepare their holiday meal,” said Dawn Crawford, community relations & media manager of the Autism Science Foundation. “They worked as a great team, just as the whole autism community must work together as a team to fund research and find new solutions for our families.”

“ASF is getting the science done. They are funding the studies we need to really make a difference in our kids’ lives,” Eric Congdon said.

“ASF is a dream come true,” said Marian Congdon. “Science and autism treatments are huge for me and my family. There is so much out there as a parent to read. It’s good to know that ASF cuts through the pseudoscience and shares trusted studies.”

The fundraising campaign will take place exclusively online through December 31, and will employ social media outreach to connect with donors and supporters. Supporters are encouraged to share favorite family recipes and holiday dishes on the ASF’s Facebook page and Twitter account. There is also a hashtag, #recipe4hope, to track the activity on social media sites. Supporters can create their own fundraising pages to raise donations for the nonprofit. It’s easy and free to set up a personal page and give the gift of hope this holiday season.

The Autism Science Foundation has funded over $700,000 in pre and post-doctoral grants. Ongoing donor support for this program through the Recipe4Hope campaign is critical. ASF’s pre- and post-doctoral grant program encourages bright, energetic young scientists to devote their careers to autism research. These research grants are already having a real impact on the field.

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