Emotion Recognition in Autism

Research has described difficulties in recognising other people’s emotions in people with autism. Until now, however, there are few efficient and reliable methods for identifying these difficulties. Together with the University of Zurich, the Swiss Epilepsy Centre is developing the COSIMO online test to fill this gap.

What are the goals of the study?

Through this study we can further develop the COSIMO test and advance our knowledge of emotion recognition in people with autism.

What will happen during the visit or online?

In this anonymous online study you will be tasked with identifying emotions portrayed in short film sequences and still images of the eyes. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

How will this help families?

Difficulties in recognising other people’s emotions have important implications for the social life of affected individuals. Identifying potential difficulties with emotion recognition has been found to be relevant for therapeutic interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorders, in order to improve possible difficulties with work or other relationships.