Understanding the expression of ASD Gene UBE3A in the Rhesus Macaque

The UBE3A gene is thought to be responsible for Dup15q Syndrome, one of the genetically derived autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Despite its clinical importance, we know very little about UBE3A distribution in the human brain. Most researchers assume it closely mirrors that of the rodent brain. This lack of knowledge could be catastrophic if the distribution of UBE3A in the human brain is improperly inferred from rodent studies and leads to inappropriate delivery and treatment strategies for autism. To assure the safe targeting of therapeutic approaches to normalizing UBE3A levels in individuals with Dup15q Syndrome, this fellow will study UBE3A developmental expression in the closest proxy we can get to the human brain – the brain of the rhesus monkey.


Chavely Gonzalez Ramirez

Ben Philpot