Science Learning Series

The Science Learning Series was created in 2021 to provide the opportunity for scientists to connect with the community and share their most recent discoveries and have a rich discussion on how their research affects the lives of people on the spectrum.  Each webinar in the series is a 30 minute set of presentations with 30 minutes left for questions and answers. If you want to be alerted about upcoming series, please register for our newsletter.

Upcoming webinars

RESCHEDULED: May 25, 2022: The Critical Importance of Brainwaves in Autism
Families hear the term “brain activity” and “brainwave pattern” and don’t understand why this is important to autism. In this session, Dr. Carol Wilkinson, a researcher and pediatrician from Boston Children’s Hospital will explain the different types of brainwave patterns in autism, how they are studied, and how they can be used to better track the course of behavioral development for more targeted interventions. Register for this virtual webinar here.

Previous webinars

April 14, 2022:  The Promise of Remote Interventions
View recording of this webinar here.  

December 10, 2021:  Helping your infant communicate, what is the role of genetics in a diagnosis? 
View recording of this webinar here.  

November 19, 2021:  Learning about social interaction development in your infant, how early can signs of ASD be seen in the brain?  
View recording of this webinar here.