Podcast: Where the wild new genetic hot spots are

On this week’s podcast, three genetics papers featuring three ASF fellows! All three deal with using whole genome sequencing (WGS) to study non-coding regulatory regions that may be associated with autism. These regions of DNA do not code for proteins but regulate the regions that do. Mutations in the non-coding regulatory regions that regulate the genes associated with autism appear to be passed down from the father. However, the statistics around these findings need to be carefully considered because, for autism risk, the contribution of non-coding mutations seems to be more modest than that of coding mutations.

Read the work by…
Dr. William Brandler of UC San Diego, ASF Fellow ’15 here.
Dr. Joon Yong An of UCSF, ASF Fellow ’18 here.
Dr. Donna Werling of UCSF, ASF Fellow ’16 here.