At-Home “Baby Sibs” Study

What's the study about?

In this study, babies (5-7 months OR 11-13 months) watch short, child-friendly videos on their home computer. Caregivers complete surveys. Families can receive up to $75 in Amazon gift cards for participating.

Who can participate?

  • Your child is 5-7 months or 11-13 months old.
  • Your child does not have any significant vision or hearing problems (for example, blindness or deafness).
  • Your child hears English at least 50% of the time when at home.
  • Your child has an immediate family member (parent or sibling) with a professional diagnosis of autism.

What will participants be doing?

(1) Parents will record a short video to say that they agree to participate in this study with their baby. (2) The baby will watch 15-20 minutes of child-friendly videos (breaks are OK). (3) Parents will complete surveys about their child (40-60 minutes).

Why is this important?

This study will help us learn about how infants come to understand the world around them. We are studying the development of language, memory, attention, social skills, and number knowledge. This study may help us in the future to identify infants who need support early in development.