Decoding Diversity: Exploring Nonverbal Communication Between Neurotypes

What's the study about?

We’re trying to understand how autistic and non-autistic people communicate with one another. Do people understand nonverbal communication behaviors better when the person they’re interacting with has the same neurotype as them? How does stigma impact how well non-autistic people can understand communication behaviors of autistic adults?

Who can participate?

  • Adults (19+) with an autism diagnosis

What will participants be doing?

You will be filmed making six different emotional faces and will then complete a short questionnaire. Together, this should take approximately 30 minutes. A few participants may be asked to also participate in an interactive assessment that contains puzzles, making stories, and talking to the researcher.

All participants will receive a $30 gift card for their participation!

Why is this important?

So far, the majority of research studying autistic communication has examined what neurodiverse people can do to interact more effectively with nonautistic individuals. This project is shifting the focus onto the things that nonautistic people can do to better understand their neurodiverse peers. We are hoping to gain knowledge that will help us bridge the communication gap between neurotypes without placing the burden of that connection exclusively on neurodiverse communities.